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  Vacuum cleanerHEPA Filter Vacuum System  
  관리자   2012.10.22   1820  
HEPA canister vacuum cleaners offer added protection against dirt and mold that get into your carpets. A HEPA infiltration system traps dust particles and keeps them in the bag. The HEPA filter is made from thin fibers of glass that are formed into paper that traps the dust, mold, and other particles within the filter. HEPA filters are used in hospitals, and are recommended by most doctors. The HEPA filter offers a better solution to getting rid of dust and allergens that irritate your household allergies.

HEPA filters may offer different levels of protection. To be effective the HEPA filter must be 99.97 % for dust particles 0.3 microns or larger. You should choose a HEPA filter that meets the industry standard for trapping dust and pollens that irritate HOUSEHOLD ALLERGIES
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